Application Management

The efficient operation of applications is an increasingly important part of managing business processes. Business-critical applications require a virtually 100 percent availability. In case of failures and defects operation has to be re-established as quickly as possible.

Application management is an essential aspect for the efficient operation of a solution. The traditional system management is an established method in the operation. The focus is on monitoring of hardware and operating system components. A similar monitoring regarding availability and performance is also necessary for applications.

S&N focusses on a holistic approach to application management: One taking into account all system components, as well as throughout the entire value added chain process under consideration of all stakeholders from all departments.

End-to-end Application Management

To the user the perceived quality and availability of an application depends on the subjective impression during application usage. A simple monitoring of server components is not sufficient, it takes an end-to-end view from server to the user's client. This means taking into account availability on all levels (network, operating system, application processes, applications).

Application management means all activities and measures that are necessary for a smooth operation and application survaillance, to meet the agreed Service Level. The collected data necessary are on the one hand used by the operator to monitor the application and on the other hand to give the client information about the use and utilization of the application.

Concept phase

End-to-end application management begins with the definition of technical requirements for the respective application: What information has to be delivered by the application? Such an approach includes from the beginning all stakeholders. Alltogether they define the objectives and a professional and technical level to provide application management for distinct applications. Based on this the parameters are set and the threshold to trigger which actions.

The introduction and consideration of application management poses special challenges to the concept creation: The topics of the application management have to bee considered early on in the technical concepts and the infrastructure and architecture design. The definition of service workflows that define the threshold responses are part of the design phase.

Development phase

A targeted provision of information and data to the application management requires standardized interfaces within applications. Already during the development and testing phase these functions can be utilized, for example for error analysis and load and performance testing.

Solution introduction

Reliable information about the future operation of the application can already be gathered during the introduction of a solution into the production operation. The measured values (e.g. document or transaction times) as well as the methodology have been defined earlier during the design phase. This means reproducable results and projections can be made during the pilot operation. Bottlenecks in the infrastructure are identified early on and thus preventable. Even the response to problems can be tested and optimized during the pilot phase based on the defined service workflows.

Production operation

The early considerations of aspects of the application managements allows a smooth transition of the solution into the production operation. An application monitoring and analysis of the results on the basis of the implemented interface is simple and forms the basis for a proactive action in the application operation.


Application management with S&N

To S&N application management is an essential part in the preperation of solutions for the customer. In addition to the basic functions of each application the required management functions are defined in cooperation with the customer.

S&N supports the customer throughout the application's lifecylce in the field of application management. Our consulting services include the following aspects:

Requirements analysis

  • Technical analysis
  • Development of values and service workflows
  • Establishing a common understanding of application management with all participants

Solution scenario design

  • With the aid of model solutions of typical application areas
  • Using standards
  • by bringing experiences from other projects

Establishing the application management

  • Development of scenarios on the basis of project requirements
  • Implementation of necessary adjustments
  • Integration into the existing business infrastructure