GWT Services

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java-based tool kit for the development of web applications. S&N uses GWT to write browser applications which offer the user the comfort of a desktop application and uses all the advantages of the web. The unique architecture allows for applications to be written according to the single page principle. GWT applications are fast and react immediately to user input, because it can be directly processed in the browser, or asynchronously on the server. With GWT, components can be precisely customised to the requirements of our clients.

Talk to us. We are happy to show you reference projects to demonstrate the possibilities of GWT.

Software Development

We implement your projects. From the requirement analysis to the implementation and going live, to operation. Our experienced team of developers implement your requirements precisely and efficiently.

Migration of Outdated Applications

We support you in the migration of existing Fat Client Java applications, for example from a  Swing-based application to a modernised AJAX/Web application. The business logic or the backend can often be adopted.


We can advise you in the operation of GWT and help you to set up your projects correctly, avoid pitfalls, and to fully take advantage of the technology’s potential.

Project Review

Have us review your project. We can help you select the right architecture and use the advantages of GWT in an optimal way. We can help you to recognise possible complications early and thus avoid difficulties in the course of a later project or operation.


Benefit from our experience. Have your developers be trained by experts who use Google Web Toolkit in their daily work and have comprehensive knowledge of the technology.