S&N - Your Partner

We see ourselves as an IT solutions provider focussed on the financial sector. Our range covers the entire IT value chain which we call a sequence of stages, starting with innovation, followed by solution implementation up to operation. Throughout this process we focus on the bundling of competences, products and components to one overall value-added solution.

S&N Value Chain Guidance (VCG) - The full spectrum:

Value Chain GuidanceFocussed

  • on the value contribution of the IT solution
  • on individual needs
  • on the entire value chain
  • on customer value

supported by an established collaborative management

  • S&N
  • Partner
  • Customer

Through this holistic approach we avoid the disadvantages in the distribution of individual value chain activities of various service providers. We ensure the necessary professional and technical expertise for the targeted design and integration of individual services and thereby avoid quality problems, increased expenses and delays.

Consequently, we offer our customers to take over the responsibility for optimizing the value chains of strategic processes by relying on close cooperation as part of the Value Chain Guidance.

The offering modules

In addition to the monitoring of our clients through the stages of the value chain, we offer optimized templates for the individual process steps as well overall topics to help with the implementation. Our project management methodology is a best practice model approach and the backbone for the project implementation while offering plenty of freedom to adapt to our clients' practical approach.

In the course of our consulting projects we have identified several repeatedly occuring themes hand have addressed them in our approach: Checklists are used to support the positioning at the beginning of the phase. This gives a framework for various activities. Templates for individual tasks support the processi

Succeeding together

Our industry-specific skills, in conjunction with an innovative and skilled handling of technologies, methods and sources result in the desired benefits for our customers, which in turn create competitive Advantages.